Access to clean water is a right that every human being has. When you have a reliable water supply, the next thing to do is to ensure that you use your water responsibly so that you play a role in conserving it for the sake of the environment and the planet at large. There are so many water suppliers today and a huge percent of households have a reliable supply of clean water. However, it cannot be ignored that the chances of facing water issues are still there and when you know how to fix the most common issues, then you will be in a position to enjoy your water more.

1. Discolored Water

Discolored water is a common issue many people face and it might pose health issues and it still might end up being unpleasant to shower in or even drink. If your taps are giving discolored water, you should start by allowing the tap to run for several minutes; the color might just change. If you see no change at all, then you should call your water supplier to have the issues fixed. Allow such water to sit in a jug until the sediments sink so you can use the clean water as the issue gets resolved. Another good idea is to bring the water to a boil before you drink or use it to cook just so you enjoy some peace of mind.

2. Chlorine smell and taste

Most water suppliers use chlorine to clean water and if you have the smell or taste, then it could be a problem with the water company’s process. On the other hand, plumbing fittings could also transfer similar smell and taste, especially those that are made from plastic or rubber. This is common with new plumbing but if what you have is not new then you can contact your water supplier or let a few days lapse to see whether there is an improvement with how the water smells and tastes. It is important to mention that you really are at no health risk with this kind of water but you definitely do deserve clean water that is pleasant in taste and smell.

3. Bitter smell and taste

This is a common water issue in many households and it is usually as a result of water standing for a considerable length of time in the metal pipes. It can be unpleasant, but does not pose any harm. The simplest remedy is to allow the tap to run for a few seconds to let out the standing water so you can access the clean water. Sometimes the problem is just around your tap and a few seconds is all you will need to enjoy clean water without the bitter rusty taste. It is actually advisable to let the taps run for a few seconds before you draw your water. However, if you still are not sure about the bitter smell or taste in your water and running the tap does not seem to fix it, then you can go ahead and get assistance from your supplier.

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