Environmental Health

Our environment is directly associated with our health. If by any means constituents of any environment like; air, water or soil gets polluted the result would be more diverse on our health. A smaller disruption in the life cycle may lead to the harm in several notable ways we cannot even imagine. The pollutants may be of several kinds i.e. either biological waste, some toxic chemical or the waste generated by any physical activity happening on the mother Earth. These pollutants can be treated by the same means they are generated in order to attain a life free of environmental hazards. There are several items of daily usage that are disrupting environmental setup.

Remains of Coal Ash

Coal is largely consumed in several countries with the purpose to heat their furnaces or to make their living a warmer place. The perk of using this natural substance lies in it’s easily ability and of being cheap to the same extent. Yet, the coal is found to be guilty in polluting the environment. In the trek of burning certain toxic materials are generated like vanadium, CO, along with TAR in some types of coal. All these lead to the adverse effects on our health. Polluting the air, coal makes it difficult for one to survive in the open atmosphere. In the laboratory test conducted in several cities, it has been found that vanadium and Hex chromium are found in abundance then the government maintained threshold. Thus, the point of concern is not how these radioactive materials found their way to wells used for drinking and daily household activities. The point to ponder is that how to minimize their availability and are the ways to deal with these in a more effective way.

Disrupting water life balance

The attenuation in the number of fishes like Salmon is also a major concern for the environmentalists. The imbalance between the number of prey and predator fishes in seas is quite an alarming situation. This situation can be met well either by imposing limitations on the number of prey per day or by making the severe restriction for hunting in the sea where a situation is alarming. Hunting a lot of Salmon fishes affects the ways how the other fishes are leading, like Trout hunts Salmon as their food. If there is a lack of Salmon fishes then it would result in a clash of the food chain. There lies a possibility that food chain would start in reverse order.


To be conclusive, the environment is getting through several issues related to the results of human activity. We as humans are devising new ways to sooth our desire but in the meanwhile, these ways are damaging the natural balance of Earth itself. The creator has established limits for every creature residing in the arena. Surpassing this limit will not only harm the other but also effect on our upcoming generations. Thus, we should make a thorough research on the ways we are using and the methods we are devising to provide comfort to ourselves.


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