Filters are not only used in machines, they are also used at home. These units play a huge role in ensuring that your home is clean and hygienic. Here are some of the most common home filters that you should go for:

Air filter

This is an absolute necessity for people suffering from respiratory conditions. They work by removing chemical and environmental pollutants thus ensuring that you breathe cleaner air. There are many types of air filters in the market that you can go for. The most common ones being:

Mechanical: they are the most common types used in residential homes. They make use of synthetic fibers to trap dust, small particles and debris preventing them from circulating in the air. Mechanical air filters are of different types.

  • Fiberglass: they are very thin and trap dust particles on their flat surface. You should note that these units aren’t designed to improve the air quality-they are aimed at protecting your heating and air conditioning appliance.
  • Pleated: they have shown to have the ability of removing up to 45% of air pollutants thus improving air quality.
  • High-efficiency: they are the most common in residential HVAC systems where they remove up to 85% of air pollutants.
  • HEPA: they are the best that you can buy and they remove up to 98% of air pollutants from your home.

Water filters

For you to have clean and safe drinking water you need to have a water filter. There are many types of water filters in the market that you can go for. The most common being:

Carbon: It removes chlorine traces thus improving the taste of water. The filter has also been shown to work in water with rotten egg smell. Here it works by removing the sulfur content thus getting rid of the problem.

Charcoal filter: this one aids in reducing rust stain in sinks and bathtubs.

Water filters come in different sizes and are ideal for different areas. For example, there are those that you can install under the sink while others you can install around the entire house. To know the right unit to install you need to work with a qualified contractor who will give you the right advice.


These are just a few filters that you can install in your home. When making the purchase always remember that there are different qualities of the filters. To buy high quality units ensure that you buy from a reputable store.

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