How Unclean Water & an Unhygienic Household Tamper Pregnancy & Baby Care

Good housekeeping, safe pregnancy and baby care

If basic living environments are unhealthy, dirty and unkept, it directly affects your health and causes severe damages to your overall wellbeing. Cleanliness is without doubt the need of the hour for those of you with infants and for those of you in the current sensitive pregnancy phase. You should reconsider in-depth home cleaning that includes your mattress, sofa, carpets, washrooms, kitchen and other tiny fixtures. A clean home keeps your indoor air clean, keeps your living space free from germs, shields you and your children from a host of diseases that may arise from a dusty environment and lastly makes provision for good housekeeping, safe pregnancy and appropriate baby care.

A preventive maintenance routine will not only increase the life of your home, but also keep you safe from illnesses. Homes are exposed to a number of toxic materials every single day, posing a serious threat to health. Nerve problems, respiratory problems, liver, kidney and blood issues can result from long-term exposures to such toxins. Health conditions may range from something as simple as a headache to as severe as dementia. It is therefore important to keep a keen eye for in-depth home cleaning and stay shielded from dangerous health hazards.

With consistent maintenance, it is possible to achieve a bacteria-free, healthy and an absolutely clean living space. However, for most of us, our time-crunched lives prevents us from doing so. This is pretty much why it is safe and beneficial to opt for professional home cleaning services. Home based service experts come with an insight to your every cleaning, maintenance and repair requisite and ensure to cater to your critical or specific needs with utmost care. Besides this, skilled experts will also be able to sketch out a detailed plan for a regular upkeep of your home.

Water pollution, infection and pregnancy threats

Most of us lack access to pure and safe drinking water. During pregnancy, there is all the more reason to stay watchful of the water you drink. Recent readings have shown that contaminants and pollutants present in unclean water have the capacity to cross into the placenta, an organ that unites an unborn baby to the mother. This organ also plays a vital role in sending nutrients to the baby. Hence, any sort of contaminant entering this sensitive organ has a substantial effect on the baby. Consuming contaminated water or water with excess chlorine during pregnancy, leads to premature births and low-weight babies.

In cases of severe water impurity, high risks like blindness, sudden miscarriage, and nervous-system break-downs may also occur. Such weak infants struggle to catch up both physically and intellectually. Some studies have also argued that low birth weight babies could possibly have developmental cognitive problems.

Drinking unclean and unsafe water during pregnancy can result in several health complications both for you and your baby. With the help of professional and skilled experts, you can ensure adequate sanitation. Good, safe and germ-free drinking water is essential for your baby to survive and thrive and for you to have a healthy pregnancy. It is the mother’s health that determines the baby’s health.

If you are expecting, then it is indeed crucial for you to ensure a healthy pregnancy diet that includes uncontaminated water and a consistent immaculately clean living space. It is always best to seek the help of skilled experts for water quality testing/audits/water tank cleaning or water wellness in general. Not only do they help achieve a clean and safe environment and water, but also shield you and your baby from potential health risks.

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