There are many convenient and easy actions that we can take in our everyday lives that will have a huge impact on our environment. If just one person can change things to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive difference on the environment, then imagine the difference an entire family or office can make.

Here are some easy tips which will help:

One of the things we all do every day is check our emails. While checking your emails, how often do you decide you want a copy of one or more of them and then you print it out and file it away in a folder? Was that really necessary? Statistics show that we use over 11 million sheets of paper a year. That’s a lot of paper.

Next time you decide to keep an email, why not create a folder in your documents file and just save the copy. By reducing the amount of paper you use for printing, you are not only saving money on paper, but you are saving money on print cartridges and reducing and having a positive effect on the environment, because the less paper we use, the less trees need to be cut down and the more oxygen we have.

Talking about trees and oxygen, by having a plant or two in a room or your office, you are in fact helping to clean the environment. There are many common indoor plants that will provide a natural way to remove toxins and help clean indoor air in your home or office while creating an attractive, calm workspace.

Speaking of cleaning, be wary of chemical-laden household cleaners and products that may be around you on a daily basis. Using all-natural, non-toxic cleaning products for your home or office will work against dirt and grime, while keeping our bodies healthy and you are being kind to the environment.

Many companies claim their products are ‘natural’ but it’s best to check the labels, as they may only contain a few natural ingredients while still containing some chemical ingredients.

Buying from a well-known ethical, cruelty-free company is the best way to go. Then, not only should their products be natural, safe and non-toxic, they should also be environmentally friendly and not tested on animals so everyone is a winner.

There you have it. Let’s all start the New Year making a positive difference in our environment and remember: It’s Easy to Be Green.

Author: kyle

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