Depending on where you live and what the outdoor pollution levels are like, that pollution is very likely becoming indoor air pollution on a daily basis, thanks to your air conditioner. Smog-laden cities are some of the most dangerous, of course, but low smog areas can be deceiving. If the city is overall low in pollution, but your house is near a factory, that could still be a big problem? Why? Because of our air conditioning systems that bring in outside air, we’re getting a variety of pollutants added to our indoor air, while we sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day, 7 days a week–pollutants that are proven to cause disease. And unfortunately, even the best air conditioner filters aren’t able to stop them.

So many of us deal with physical conditions or illnesses that seem to just be getting worse or just show up ‘out of nowhere’. Well, those small amounts of pollutants coming into our lungs and into the blood on a very consistent basis do build up and cause issues, especially if your kidneys or liver isn’t working at optimal levels (like about 80% of adults). And there are some chemicals that tend to get lodged in the brain, where it’s very difficult to remove them, even with proper chelation therapy.

And even if you feel pretty good most of the time, don’t notice anything, etc., that’s great! But consider that we do become ‘nose blind’ to a lot of smells (like the Febreze commercial says) and don’t notice them. Plus there are a variety of chemical pollutants (and micro-particles) that are colorless, tasteless and odorless, such as carbon monoxide in car exhaust. Is it not there just because you can’t smell it anymore? If you’ve got smog or factory pollution outside, it very likely is there, and if you keep breathing it, eventually it will start robbing oxygen from your body and that leads to dysfunction. And at some point, that pollution becomes a silent indoor killer, shortening our lives to one degree or another.

The good news? There are simple ways to make sure you and your family aren’t breathing this stuff. First, don’t live where outdoor pollution is high. If you don’t want to move or have to live near polluted areas, your next best line of defense is a quality whole home air filtration system that attaches to the air conditioner duct, which removes airborne pollutants with activated carbon and HEPA filters. Or, you can have one or more portable air cleaners running in your home with those same types of filters.

Either way, if you simply let a good air cleaner ‘breathe’ these pollutants, you won’t have to. Essentially, you can use a filter or ‘be’ the filter. Your choice. And you can bet that you’ll sharply reduce the chances of any illnesses for you and your family, and you’ll very likely have noticeably more energy on a daily basis. Not to mention, you’ll probably lower your monthly expenses related to medications, doctor visits, boxes of Kleenex and other areas.

If you want to enjoy your best health, keeping outdoor pollution from short-circuiting your efforts (like all the other things you naturally do to protect yourself) is worth thinking about. It’s your move.

Author: kyle

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