The Small Action of Growing Plants Have A Big Impact To Our Life and Nature

All living things surely need food to survive, may it be the humans and even animals. The humans both need animals and plants for food. Animals need plants to survive. However, plants don’t need humans or animals to ensure their survival. As long as there is the sun, they can surely live.

Plants are surely great, but not just that, they are VERY important as well and beneficial to the humans, the animals, the environment – the survival of Earth and all humanity.

They are the reason why we have food to eat, clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe, we have a place to stay, we have warmth weather, and when we are sick, we have medicines to help us cure our illness.


One of the main sources of human food is plants, either vegetables or fruits. Animal meat is another source but what do animals eat? Plants, of course!


The world consists of about 71% water and 96.5% is part of the ocean which means, there is only a few percentage of water that is drinkable to people. Yet, we are doing things to our nature that makes both water and air polluted and dangerous to our health. Plants have the ability to sanitize and purify water making it fit to drink for us. Also, a process by which water from soil moves to the atmosphere or “transpiration”, is made possible because of plants.


As mentioned above, human beings are doing things that are harmful to our mother nature and it includes the oxygen we breathe. Vehicles and factories are one of the major contributory factors of air pollutants. Plants have the ability to reduce carbon dioxide and give it back in a form of oxygen. With that, it is highly recommended that plants like flowers and trees are planted near highways and the surroundings of factories and other establishments.


Plants provide an asylum to both humans and animals. Woods from trees are used in making houses up to now and trees are used as refuge to animals like birds. Forests are the places where you can see many kinds of animals and of different species.

Global Warming

One of the serious problems that the world is facing today is the continuous mutilation of the ozone layers which is protecting us from the direct heat of the sun. It is again, because of the wrongdoings of the people. Tree planting activities are recommended to be yearly to help save Earth and growing plants in our homes are said to be a big help as well.


25% of the medicines originally come from plants, in fact, herbs are the first medicines used by our ancestors. Many life-threatening diseases can be cured with constant intake of plants like spices (e.g. ginger). Aside from that, they are good source of nutrients that our body needs. They are also rich in vitamins that our body cannot produce. Some leaves are also very helpful as first-aid on wounds.

And the never-ending list goes on. They provide us clothing, furniture, papers, books, and so many more. Protecting the environment will keep humanity moving. If you want your kids to see the wonderful sights the world is to offer, preserve it and do your part in this cycle called life!

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