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Environmental Protection Promoters Initiative EPPI is a Nigeria based not-for-profit youth led organization that partners with community based organizations, local government authorities, state, national and international bodies, and other relevant institutions to promote environmental awareness through educational programs, corrective interventions by providing tested innovative solutions to meet local and global needs.

Sustainable solutions for everyone!

EPPI delivers through its programs and networks sustainable solutions to reach the grassroot people, school and out of school children, environmental agencies, corporate organizations, and interested individuals, national and international environmental groups.

In our program, we work with the poor and the under-served communities and with communities in severe stress due to natural or human-made disaster including climate change, to re-establish their economic, health and social system.

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Our Organization’s Approach

Do More Together Than You Can Alone

We welcome you to our Environmental Restoration Advocacy program and ask you to join our team and take action to protect the Earth from global warming, pollution and poverty.

You will have an opportunity to volunteer and donate to the programs that we are currently working on!


How we work

We pride not only in what we do but how we do it. The range of our partnership works collaboratively with groups to achieve desired change in our environment by way of strengthening and improving the rural communities that are vulnerable in Nigeria with strategies that result in:

Individual Level

To empower individuals as social change agents through training and education programs on increasing their skills, knowledge, self-esteem and sense of belonging.

Social Network Level

This is a collective approach to straighten the mutual relationship amongst family members, peer groups, social relations, and community people at home and in diaspora, and acquaintances to provide the necessary support for their actions towards the promotion of a healthy environment.

Community Level

This is aimed at creating a new and broader enabling environment and opportunities for community people both young and aged, men and women, leaders and subjects to willfully participate in challenging environmental promotion, sensitization, awareness, campaign tasks and educational programs to ensure the reduction and mitigation of environmental pollution.

Institutional Level

This is geared towards influencing through our well planned and timely activities, advocacy and thoughtful interventions policy change, review of nonfunctional methods and outdated practices and norms that threatens the life of vulnerable people and the ecosystem.

Together we can do more

EPPI has implemented community based programs and projects in Delta state of Nigeria using its extensive partnership of individuals and self to deliver results oriented and cost effective intervention program in isoko land, Delta state.
EPPI is open to partners from all around the globe.

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